Saturday, April 19, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 1977 Pepsi-Cola Baseball Stars Glove Discs

Another Mike Schechter Associates disc series like the previous set I blogged about the 1977 Burger Chef discs.
These Pepsi promotionals were designed to be inserted into cartons of the soda, primarily in the Ohio region.
The perforated discs were a bit bigger than the Burger Chef discs, these being 3-3/8 in diameter.  That means that if you punched the discs out they wouldn't fit in standard 8-pocket sleeves.
I can see the discs being punched out, flung at your buddy in your bedroom during Disc Wars, then the empty glove being used as a door hanger.

Only two Angels are found in the 72-card set: Nolan Ryan above and Bobby Grich below.

The Ryan picture used is different than the one used on the Burger Chef disc but
Grich gets the same photo that was previously used, in his airbrushed Orioles uniform.
The front of the cards also include a player checklist, though the cards themselves are unnumbered.

The back of the card contains a coupon for ordering a player tee shirt.
You can get greetings from either Pete Rose, Rico Carty, Joe Morgan, or....
Rick Manning?
Okay, one of these things is NOT like the others.
I wonder how many Manning shirts sold.

The fully gloved disc cards are large as can be seen by the standard 1977 Topps card I compared it to.
My two fit nicely in an 8x10 pocket with one card being upside down.

Here's a blowup of the checklist if anyone is thinking of collecting these.
Since it was an Ohio regional promotion there are plenty of 1976-1977 Indians and Reds in the set.

One interesting note is that two players names are spelled incorrectly 6. Larvel (Larvell) Blanks and 57. Pat Zachary (Zachry).
You can find alot of these Pepsi discs relatively cheap on ebay.

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