Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More 1991 Archives From The Dime Boxes

Dime Boxes sent me a good chunk of the 1991 Topps Archives 1953 Topps cards I needed for this set.
With this chunk I'm down to needing just 13 cards to complete it.

Along with the Archives there were, as most usually there are, Angels cards.
He are a few.

2003 Donruss Diamond Kings #155
Artist Ron Adair captured all the details,even down to the reflection of Anaheim Stadium in Figgys sunglasses:

Pretty cool huh?
Makes you wonder how large the actual illustration was.

And for a bit of even better news, it looks like Figgy has made the Dodgers roster.

1989 Grand Slam
Gary Ruby started his coaching career with Angels working for them in their minor league system from 1987-1995.
He's still a pitching coach spending the last six seasons with the Corpus Christi Hooks, an affiliate of the Houston Astros.

Ooh. 1980 Topps Nolan Ryan.
I wonder if Topps strategically located Nolans autograph so as not to obstruct his...
well, use your imagination.

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  1. Glad I could help! I'm glad that Figgins is back in the bigs.