Monday, April 21, 2014

Tim Salmon Longshot TTM

About 1,043 days ago I read an article about Tim Salmons neighbor, in his then home of either Newport Beach or Balboa, California, I can't remember exactly.  The article mentioned this man's name.  He was talking about the famous but very humble celebrity neighbor of his and how sometimes he got Tim's mail by mistake.  Well, being a sneaky TTMer from time to time I saw an opportunity to send a Salmon card in the mail but addressed to his neighbor.  Anything to stand out.  
Like I said, 1,043 days later I got that card back.

 I did custom cards for a while, I think this was one of the last I sent out, it just got to be too time consuming creating them.
Anyhow, this was postmarked from Tim's new home in the Phoenix area.