Sunday, April 20, 2014

You Guys Are Not Going To Believe This

You remember a couple weeks ago when I received in the mail, only the right half of a business sized envelope with only 2 of the 3 toploaders that were originally sent inside.  You can re-read about it here.  Well, last week, the sender reached out and said that he had eventually received the missing half of the envelope, it had been returned to him since it still had his return address affixed to it.  Crazy!

He said "Sending this to you for kicks."

Kicks indeed.  Here it is:
That's a mess of an envelope.

When USPS returned it to him, guess what was still inside?

Yep, the missing 3rd top loader with the Jered Weaver relic.  And MAN that's a nice card!  It's numbered 23/25.  Super-glad it finally came.

Like I said, crazy.

Oh, he stuck this note to it too:


Think about it now:  a business sized envelope ripped in half by some machine somewhere, 1 toploader in one half, 2 top loaders in the other, not a scratch on any of them.  One half with the senders address went back to him, the other half with just barely enough of my address came to me. What are the chances?

The sender, in his generosity, took it upon himself to throw in a couple more Angels cards including this one:

 1984 Topps Milton Bradley which completes my team set.
Much thanks.

Again, crazy.  But that's what makes trading so fun.  You never know what you might get.


  1. Great story, glad you finally got the card!

  2. Was blind but now I see !

    Amazing Grace is the perfect song for that scenario !

  3. You would be hard pressed to make something like this up. What a crazy story!

  4. Love hearing amazing USPS stories... almost as much as that Milton Bradley Championship Baseball design.