Tuesday, March 7, 2023

TCDB Completed Transaction #9 Mjprigge

 Recent trade with Mjprigge, or Matt, formerly of the blog Summer of 74.

Except I didn't realize it was that Matt until just now.
Sorry about that Matt.
I turned 59 yesterday, my brain isn't what it used to be.

1990 Swell Baseball Greats #16
Another card I swore I had but that TCDB made me realize that I didn't.

1996 Donruss
I hate that foil or chrome just does not scan well. Big black blocks.

The Lee Smith makes me think it's a Panini, with all the logos airbrushed out. Because of that, my first thought is that I hate this card. But I really don't, it's just an automatic Panini reaction.
It's just a bad angle.


  1. I know Ryan Hancock only from the card where he's tossing an orange in the air. Also, I definitely don't picture Lee Smith as an Angel.

  2. Happy belated birthday, Tom!