Thursday, March 30, 2023

TCDB Completed Transactions #19 jlcre2003 and #20 MarcoD70

 As I was sorting some Upper Deck cards to load into TCDB as traders recently, I realized that I was only around 200 cards short of a complete 1989 set. I don't know how it came about that I accumulated so many of them, I'm sure I didn't rip all those packs, assuming they're not cheap with a chance to pull a Griffey rookie. Someone must have offloaded a big chunk of them to me. Since I had so many, I decided instead to keep them and trade other stuff for the rest (except for the Griffey most likely). Most of my recent trade returns have included '89 Upper Deck.

Trade #19 jlcre2003

The 1991 Topps dark logo is a team set variation that I like to collect.

Trade #20 MarcoD70

More '89 Upper Deck

'87 Fleer for the team set.

1989 Topps/LJN Baseball Talk
Such a cool oddball set. This is the first I have towards the team set.

And some more variations for these Company Store cards.


  1. My brother was talking about that Jr RC today while we watched the Braves game.

  2. I should check our trade matches and throw another trade your way on TCDB.

  3. Did you wind up with any of those 89 UD variants?

  4. Those are some fun 89 Upper Decks! Of the early Upper Deck sets, I think 89 is one of my favorites along with 92.