Saturday, March 4, 2023

TCDB Completed Transactions #7 MMehler30 and #8 Sportty1

 Number 7 was a quick one-for-one relic swap with MMehler30.

2004 Bazooka Adventures Relics BA-JW
Nice to get a pinstripe in the swatch rather than just a cream-colored blob.

Michael also threw in a few extras including this Glaus card.

Transaction #8 was another small trade, this time with Sportty1

1989 Premier Player Silver Edition Series 4 #7
Never heard of or seen these before, but what a great example of 80's unlicensed cards.

1991 ProCards Tomorrows Heroes #27
Just now realised that I got two guys named Abbott in one trade.

1989 ProCards Triple A
I love checklists.

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  1. The Glaus freebie is a nice one. I've never seen that Jim Abbot card before, either, or anything like it. It's like the opposite of a Panini card - the logos are there but nothing else is lol.