Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Completed Team Set 1987 Topps

I knew that I had the three cards I needed to complete this team set, but I wanted proof, I wanted to find them and reunite them with their binderbound teammates.

I recalled that Ron Romanick was (is?) a coach on the Athletics, so I went to my "other" teams box to see.

I get a lot of IP autographs at Rangers games, so I have a box of team lots that I pull from depending on who's in town. That's another project in the works - cleaning that box up.

I found Romanick there, George Hendrick in with the Rays, and Mark McLemore in with the Rangers to complete the set.

A few have autographs: TR Bryden, Chuck Finley, Ruppert Jones, Gene Mauch, Darrel Miller, Gary Pettis, Vern Ruhle, and Devon White.

BTW does anybody know how to get rid of the light/dark streaking on my scans? Or is it just my cheap scanner?

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  1. I have the same issue (among others) with my scanner. I think it's the lot of a scanner owner to have to put up with problems in trying to get a good scan.