Monday, March 7, 2011

Trade Mail, Todays Mail, and a Book

But I want to start with the book.

One of my 11 year-old daughters found out this afternoon that the art class she was supposed to start tonight was cancelled due to low enrollment. She was devastated. So in order to make her feel better I offered to take her to her favorite place, Half-Priced Books.

When I usually go to HPB I head straight for the clearance row, because I can always find a good baseball hardback to add to my collection. But this time I sucked it up and took my daughter to the kids section first. We were looking for Martha Speaks, and Curious George, and something from the Young Readers Chapter Books section. But all the while I'm sweating it, thinking someone else is about to snag the baseball book that should be in my hand but I'm here in the kids section.

Fortunately for me there were only two Martha Speaks books, and they were too pricey (even for HPB), and the few Curious George books she already had. "Hey Bub, let's head over to the Clearance Row, bet we'll find something there." And find something there we did. Behold:

Nolan Ryan's 1977 first edition book The Other Game.

And here's the best part..

Yeah Buddy!!

The rest of the time there I was in a giddy fog. She could have bought the store out and I wouldn't have minded, but she picked out 5 books she was really excited about, and we had a great "special time" together. I think she's okay now about the cancelled art class.

Now for Trade Mail.

Steve on the Yahoo Group baseballcardupdate offered up some trade cards. I was quick to claim these two beauties for my collection in exchange for two autographed 82 Donruss cards Steve wanted.

The Roy White card I can now cross off my want list for the 1992 Action Packed set.

The second card of Gary Wayne is a personal Bible card. I love these cards. If anyone else has these Bible cards for trade, signed or not, let me know. There's a lot of different Bible cards out there, but I'm only interested in the version with the colored border (colors vary) with white name on the bottom.

And then Todays Mail.

Received in the mail my first return from Spring Training, Juan Pierre care of the White Sox complex in 13 days. Juan added Matt 6:33 "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you." This a card from an autograph set I'm working on, 2006 Fleer Tradition.

Mike Stanley signed his 2 cards from the school he teaches baseball at in 60 days. Stanley is a believer as well. These are also set cards I'm working on.

All-in-all a great day-after-my-birthday.

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  1. Awesome adds. Love the signed Yankees cards. I had Stanley sign that same Stadium Club for my Yankees collection. Great job on that Ryan book.