Monday, March 14, 2011

Angels in the commons boxes

Another quick trip to the card shop last week. Went for the common boxes, most cards for a quarter but the guy usually gives me 50% off that as well. Went digging for Angels and here's what I pulled.

Bunch of 2004 Bowman Heritage. That's another Garret Anderson for the collection too.

Two goldies. Though I've never really liked the gold cards, they're a must for the team collector.

Another Garret Anderson. This is the one I was looking for of Garret in a Braves uniform. Now I just need to find him in a Dodgers uniform.

Four shinies. Again, I don't like shinies either, but the Angels ones I need to have.

Two Angels from the 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites set. I think that these are the first two I have from this set. And I like them. I'll have to look into the Angels checklist for the rest of these.

Two different Cracker jack from two different years, 2004 for Santana, 2005 for Kotchman.

Seems I can always find a lot of Darin Erstads in the common bins. I would venture a guess that Erstad is my most common common.

Snagged this 1994 Tombstone Pizza John Olerud and held it up like it was the last Willie Wonka golden ticket. I'm glad nobody was watching. Olerud is one of my All-Time Favorite Non-Angels. There are also Tim Salmon and Jim Abbott cards in this set that I need.

And the rest that rounded out a little over an hours time spent in the card shop.