Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trade Mail from Rhubarb

Ol' Rhubarb Runner of e rayhahn, rayhahn was kind enough to send me over a fat package of Angels cards pulled from his massive (I imagine) collection of just about everything. He wanted Twin cards, so that I sent him.

We originally intended to make the trade in little chunks of similar cards, but it ended up being a mass dump. I think though that I ended up on the better end of the deal, so I intend to get another stack to him sometime in the future. I added a notation of "I owe" to Rhubs line in my trade log.

I was most interested in the following lot of cards he had to offer, these 1971 Topps. There's even a few high numbers in there, and adding these cards to my collection puts me 1 card shy of the complete Angels team set (Sandy Alomar). Rhubarb made sure to point out that these 71's had been in his family for a long time (since '71?) and are very dear to him, a part of his childhood. I promise to keep them safe and treat them as if they were my own (which they are now). I will love and cherish them.

A nice little stack of '74s and a '77 filled in some additional spots in my team set needs. The cards that made the trade lopsided in my favor are those in this 2002 Topps Angels team set. I only had a couple of these, and he wanted to keep the team intact, so together they came as a family. And as a family they shall stay. Several nice Wally Joyner cards I didn't have were in the mix. I especially like the 1990 SCD Price Guide card with the 1957 Topps theme. An equally nice lot of Tim Salmon cards were sandwiched in the stack. Two more magazine cards and a nifty little 7-eleven disk will now be added to my collection. A multitude of random commons, mini's, stickers, oddballs, and magazine cards which I love, will find a home in one of my Angels binders. And the icing on the trade cake...

An autographed 2010 Kelloggs Pop Tarts Flavor Card.


  1. Ha - I have a few "owe cards" notations in my trade spreadsheet, too! Not that you owe me anything, though.

    Glad you enjoy the cards. I knew they were in better hands there. Looking forward to another trade sometime -- I'll be sure to let you know if any neat Angels cards turn up here.

  2. Nice cards - I'm partial to the Tim Salmon cards myself - I'm sure the only one I have is the Toys R' Us issue.