Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trade Mail from the Quarry

Colorado Rockies collector and blogger of Cards From The Quarry Johnny, sent a nice fat package of Angels cards in exchange for a nice fat package of Rockies cards. I love getting fat packages in the mail.

With the 90's era wax Johnny sent I was able to complete my 1990 Fleer Angels team set, and get much closer to completing the 1991 and 1992 Topps, 1991 Donruss, and 1988 Fleer team sets.
Included in the package were some of my most favorite cards: Angels logo cards. These are logo stickers from the 1986 Fleer set and have different "Baseballs Famous Feats" on the back of each one.

Speaking of 1982 Fleer, 16 of the team set of 25 were also included.

And a nice relic bat card of Elpidio Guzman numbered 523/700. Guzman never made it up to the big club, so the "Authentic Game-Used Bat" doesn't mean Anaheim Angels game-used, it must mean Angels minor league game-used. And in 2000 he was at single-A Lake Elsinore. Look for him to be featured in a future Farm Boy post.

And for more icing on the cake, this awesome Topps Certified Dustin Mosely autograph card.

Be sure Johnny that if I come across any Rockies relics they're yours. Thanks for the trade.


  1. Glad you liked the cards. And yes I have no doubt we will be trading again.

    Speaking of which, I just picked up a cool 1984 Fun Foods pin of Rod Carew from his Angels days if you'd like me to set it aside for you.

  2. I saw your comment on my blog. I will start to see what I can find from your wants. My main focus is the Mariners, but as you can tell I decided to try to work on some Angels from Palm Springs.
    If you have a knowledge of the stadium and the area, and know of cards I've missed, let me know. I'm going to try and finish the wantlist this weekend.