Thursday, March 17, 2011

1988 Score Desk Drawer Box

Who needs '88 Score!?

Picked up a wax box of 1988 Score cheap, and I mean $6 cheap. I know that I can get a complete set for $5 but that's not as fun. So I threw it in my desk drawer at work and ripped a pack here and there over a couple weeks.

It's not a set I'm collecting so anyone needing fillers for their complete or team sets, let me know, I can always use Angels cards. The only cards I pulled out for myself were of Angels, about 12 total. Those brought me to within 3 cards of the team set, so if anyone wants to trade I need #44 Brian Downing, #274 Dick Schofield, and #463 Darrell Miller.

I love the cropping on those batter cards, and the bright colored borders.

The box was pretty beat up but I cut the bottom panel off anyhow. It goes on the trade stack as well for those panel collectors or Jays/Phillies/Astros/Red Sox collectors.

I also salvaged this side panel for any Royals/George Brett collectors.

Oh, and don't forget about the Magic Motion Trivia cards!

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