Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Todays Mail: ST and Others

Todays Mail is actually The Last Two Weeks Mail, I'm just now getting to the stack.

First off is Joe Garagiola who signed his 1992 Action Packed in 14 days. Joe charges $10 for an autograph but it goes to a good cause. Besides, I needed him for the set. He also was kind enough to include personalized signed chrome-type card. So a two-for-one, I'm pleased. I sent it to his home in Arizona.

Jim Landis signed his '61 and '65 Topps cards in ballpoint in 80 days. Jim lives in beautiful Napa, California. He decided to not answer my questions.

I've sent to only 18 players at Spring Training this year, and so far I've gotten 5 back.

First up is former Angels Manager Terry Collins, the new manager of the Mets. Terry took only 9 days to sign my custom All-Time Angels card and a 1991 Line Drive.

I sent to Luis Gonzalez c/o the Diamondbacks front office, so technically not a Spring Training request. He signed a 2006 Fleer Tradition and a 1991 Upper Deck, both are autographed sets I'm working. Gonzo signed in 19 days.

Starting Angels rookie center fielder Peter Bourjos signed 2 cards sent to the Angels ST site in Tempe. Bourjos turned these around in 11 days.

Another Angels ST addressee was Chris Pettit who signed his 2010 Topps rookie card in 18 days.

Another 2006 Fleer Tradition card I needed was sure-signer Paul Maholm. This card was sent to the Pirates ST site in Florida. Fortunately the card came back after 27 days. Unfortunately it came back with a crease and a smudge.