Friday, May 27, 2011

Angels in the Background for 1991 Upper Deck

I was looking through my box of 1991 Upper Deck cards looking for Angels in the background. I started seeing Angels on a lot more cards than I thought I would. Then it dawned on me: Upper Deck is based in Southern California, so it makes sense that they would send a photographer to every series at Anaheim, thus more Angels in the background.

I guess a good project to test my theory would be to see if the Padres are in a lot of backgrounds as well. Carlsbad, where the Upper Deck Company is headquartered is roughly between Anaheim and San Diego.

Lets see what Angels got caught in the background of other teams cards (from those that were in my commons box).

That's Angels catcher Bill Schroeder on the Sox Dan Pasqua's card. Taken at Anaheim Stadium.

John Orton slides into second to break up the double play set up by the Royals Frank White. Big round logos on the green outfield fence is a dead giveaway for Anaheim Stadium.

Orton again this Paul Fairies card. Wait, this is before Interleague Play, so why are the Angels playing the Padres? The background indicates it's a Spring Training game.

Looks like that might be Luis Polonia breaking up another double play. Pretty sure this is Anaheim given the orange fence over green wall.

I'll call Jack Howell safe on Tony Fernandez's Blue Jays card. Anaheim Stadium.

Tough to say who this is. Right handed, black bat, two white batting gloves. Other 1991 cards of Angels that fit those characteristics are of Gary Gaetti, Brian Downing, Dick Schofield, and Junior Felix. Given the body size I'm going with Gaetti.

Looks like Devon White sliding head first into third before the ball gets to the Brewers Gary Sheffield. Orange fence over green wall again means Anaheim.

Maybe taken at the same game as the last card? Second baseman Johnny Ray makes an appearance on Paul Molitors Brewers card photographed at Anaheim Stadium.

Lance Parrish behind the plate on the card for Clevelands Mitch Webster.

Kent Hrbek's Twins cards features Mark McLemore diving back (safely?) to first under his tag. Anaheim Stadium.

On another Twins card, this of Junior Ortiz, we find John Orton again, this time behind the plate at Anaheim Stadium.

And in the Angels bullpen in Anaheim Stadium behind right fielder Sammy Sosa, sits Willie Fraser and (I think) Angels coach Joe Coleman.

I think that my idea of seeing more Angels in the background as opposed to other teams due to Upper Deck being located in the area, is a valid one. Therefore future Angels in the Background posts will not include Upper Deck. It's just too easy.

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