Friday, May 13, 2011

My first Rick Smith autograph

"And just who in the world is Rick Smith?" you're all asking.

Rick Smith has been the Angels Certified Athletic Trainer for the past 33 seasons, this being his 34th.

I've always seen Rick at the Ballpark when the Angels come to town, standing at the dugout railing watching BP. Every game, every time, he's always there. I've always wanted to ask for his autograph, so today I did.

I brought a 2009 Angels Media Guide to the game tonight for that very reason. It worked out well too, as his was the only Angels autograph I was able to get tonight. The boys weren't feeling very friendly, and I was just a tad late having gone to a card show (more on that this weekend).

He was a bit taken aback when I asked him, but then when he realized I was serious, he smiled big, I tossed him the Media Guide, and he signed. I think Rick was about as happy to be asked for an autograph as I was for getting it. He's an important part of my All-Time Angels Autograph collection.

Thanks Rick, and keep up the great job you're doing with the Angels. I appreciate you.

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