Monday, May 30, 2011

Stack-O-Mail: Easler, Neiger, Posada, Chambliss

Mike "The Hit Man" Easler played for the Angels in 1976, and used the thickest sharpie he could find to sign my All-Time Angels custom and his 1978 Topps rookie card.

Mike answered a question I asked about how his wife used to throw him BP:
"She threw me black beans."

Mike was nice enough to return my cards sent to the Buffalo Bisons after 11 days.

Al Neiger played for the Dallas-Fort Worth Rangers, a combined farm team for the Angels and Phillies in 1962. Interesting concept. I asked him how that worked out, could either team call him up, or was he [based on his rookie card] property of only the Phillies?
"I was property of the Phillies after Spring Training as I didn't make the Angels to start the season. It was a conditional purchase."

Nieger was a successful engineer after his short Major League career (he appeared in 6 games for the 1960 Phillies). I asked him if his baseball career had any influence on his engineering career.

He signed my cards from his home in Wilmington Delaware in only 8 days.

Leo Posada played in 155 games from 1960-1962 for the Kansas City Athletics, but just after that he appeared in 12 games for the Angels AAA affiliate Hawaii Islanders.

Leo signed my cards and returned them from his home in Florida after 7 days.

I needed Chris Chambliss for the 1992 Action Packed All-Star set I'm collecting. Chris signed this card in 73 days after I sent it to him via the Mariners Spring Training.

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