Saturday, May 28, 2011

I have inside connections... the Angels front office. Well, not really. At least I can't prove that I do. It's pure speculation.

See, every year I send an email to the Angels, "attention" someone in Public Relations. And every year I either get no response or a pocket schedule.

The body of the email addresses my situation: Lifetime Angels fan, born and raised within 10 miles of Anaheim Stadium, can't count how many games I've been to, now live in Texas and work a block from the Ballpark. I want to show these Ranger fans who's in charge by adorning my cube with Angels stuff. A promotional or group-sales poster would be ideal. I'll even take an old discarded one.
Not an unreasonable request.

Their response was the same as always, but I don't blame them. I know they're busy running a baseball team. So after I received my annual pocket schedules (which I had to send a SASE for), I decided to try another route.

I saw this story about John Rozak the guy who had the idea for the wrestling mask promotion. He's been the promotions guy since 2008. The story showed a picture of his cube all decked out with Angels stuff, but there on his walls, were promotional posters.

YES! That's what I'm talking about! We're of a kindred spirit, surely he understands me and will have sympathy on me and send me a couple used posters.

I sent him an email about my idea. Told him the mask idea was genius (which I really do believe).

I think a week went by, no response. I'm used to that.

Then this came in the mail.

It was from the Angels. It had an official Angels address label. But was it from John? There was no clue. Then I realized that it wasn't a poster tube, and it was puffy. Okay, so he folded the poster up and put it in bubble wrap, I thought. That was nice of him...or, nice of whoever sent this to me. Whatever it is.

Then I opened it up...

SCOOOORRRRRE!!!! SOLID GOLD, MAN!!! Even better than some worn out poster!

John if this was from you, thank you from the bottom of my Angels heart.

My kids didn't like me wearing it around the house, but I can't wait to wear this bad boy at work next week!