Friday, May 6, 2011

Trade Mail Fat Package from Cards on Cards

Cardinals fan Kerry from Cards on Cards kept his end of a trade agreement and sent me this fat package of cards in the mail. Inside was 4 smaller, individually wrapped gems each filled with Angels goodies.

When liberated and stacked up they reached an altitude of 2.5 inches! That's some serious barometric pressure at that height folks!

The stack was a veritable cornucopia of all things Angels: base cards, parallels, die cuts, extended, opening day, chrome, foil, numbered, vintage, junk wax, Canadian, game, first edition, code, you-name-it cards.

Many, many that I needed to fill my team sets (thanks for checking my wantlists Kerry).

I decided to show off the numbered today, which Kerry was kind enough to include in penny sleeves and top-loaders.

2009 Topps Heritage Chrome #CHR161 Kendry(s) Morales 1409/1960

2009 Topps Gold #659 Torii Hunter 1514/2009

2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #C4 Gary "Don't Let The Door Hit You" Matthews 0285/1959

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Green #83 Torii Hunter 15/99

Sweet card. I've toyed with collecting this entire Angels set. Maybe this card has convinced me.

And a 2002 Upper Deck Plus #UD1 Darin Erstad 0988/1125

Thanks a tonnage for a tonnage of cards, Cards on Cards.

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