Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Angels vs Braves Fan Packs



The Braves start with minus 1 since they required a dollar be sent to them for a fan pack. With the hoards of money Major League Baseball teams make, I think fan packs should be mandated as free to anyone who asks.

Whatever. This is what the Braves sent for a buck.

Team logo envelope. Nice.

Official letterhead, thank you fan letter.

1 pocket schedule, unfolded (I did the folding myself - get the fan involved).

1 strange photo. I'm assuming it's opening day, but who is the guy on the jumbotron?

1 large Braves sticker.

Much to my surprise a bag of Turner Field dirt. I used to collect stadium dirt a long time ago. Maybe I'll start up again. Hmmmm...

Braves beat the Angels.

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