Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It was many moons ago...

...the last time I went to a card show. I'm pressed to think when that actually was. I'd have to go back at least 11 years to even get in the ballpark. In fact, I remember picking up an Anaheim Mighty Ducks team set, since it was their inaugural season. It had to have been 1994 - 17 years ago!

A couple months ago I saw that this show was coming up. It fell on my off-Friday from work, so I put it on the home calendar and made plans. Friday is also the day the dealers set up their tables so admission is free (there's no autographs that day).

It also worked out that the Angels were in town to play the Rangers, so I figured (and got the clearance from the Mrs) that I'd hit the card show, then head to the game.

My plan for the show was to go simple - stick to the quarter boxes, pick up some parallels and inserts, pick out some cheap '61-'69 teams set cards, try to stick with one dealer. I knew ahead of time that I didn't even want to look at relics and autographs, and that I didn't want any memorabilia.

I spend almost 3 hours with one dealer going through box after box, digging for Angels. I love doing that. For me digging is the most rewarding. Then I walked around a bit and found another dealer where I spent about an hour and dug for the vintage cards I was looking for. Then I had to head to the game.

Below is what I came away with.

Four more 1962 Topps. Only 8 more to complete this team set.

I only need 9 more cards to complete the 1963 team set after getting these two. Odd that Bob Turley is in his Yankees uniform and Jacke Davis never actually played a game with the team.

This 1963 Post George Thomas actually has the photo of Lee Thomas on it. This is an uncorrected variation.

Picked up 3 more 1964 Topps, but I still need 12 more to complete the team.

1967 Topps #213 Jay Johnstone. It's funny but I never picture Johnstone playing in the more serious '60s. I always picture him in that goofy beer umbrella hat in the '80s.

I already had one of these 1968 Fleer Team Logo cards, but I love team logo cards so I couldn't pass this up. At the time I found this it was my most favorite piece of the day.

Until I found this:

Issued in the same 1968 Fleer wax packs as the Team Logo Card above were these "Trio" Cloth Team Emblems. This is a card that I didn't already have.

I picked this 1961 Topps Leo Posada because I knew that I had another of his cards. I wanted to combine the two and send them to him for autographs. My other Leo Posada turned out to also be the 1961 Topps. Dang!

Joe Coleman was an Angels coach, so I picked this card up to send to him for an autograph.

These Jared Weaver refractors and Team USA card were all in a row in the same quarter box. They called out to me.

I like Starting Lineup cards. I especially like Nolan Ryan. I don't like Roger Clemens. But I like Starting Lineup cards.

I picked up this 1992 Bowman Garret Anderson rookie not sure if I already had one. Turns out I didn't already have one. I don't particularly care for cards of players in their street clothes though.

I suppose I need it for the team set.

Some of my favorite Angels rookie/prospect cards are from the 2003 Topps set. Having a gold parallel is just that much more awesome. Numbered 0342/2003.

Nice little Tim Salmon assortment:
1994 Score Gold Stars #44 of 60
2001 Donruss 20th Anniversary #130
1994 Pacific #9
2003 Upper Deck SP Superstar Flashback #SF1 numbered 0483/2003

2003 Donruss Troy Percival parallel numbered 249/295.

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes Reggie Jackson promotional card.

I remember the card shows in the 80's almost always had a tray of promo cards that you could choose a couple from as you entered the show. Since I went on delaer set-up day there was no tray. Do they still do this?

Another type of card that I like are tributes or inserts with Nolan Ryan in an Angels uniform. That being said, I don't know why I picked up the 2010 Topps Vintage Legends card.

A trio of Torii Hunter:
2009 A Piece of History Blue numbered 274/299
2008 Baseball Heroes numbered 245/299
2008 Upper Deck X Xponential X-HU

I didn't know Don Baylor was nicknamed "Groove", and the back of the card doesn't tell me why. What's the point of the card then people?

Two Angels from the 1992 Pinnacle Team 2000 subset. Just lacking Gary DiSarcina for the team set.

I couldn't pass on this beat up wax pack of 1986 Topps Baseball Tattoos and the goodies that might await me inside. Are there any Angels in there? The answer will have to wait for a future post.

I grabbed this 2008 Upper Deck Timeline Clayton Kershaw because I think its just a cool looking rookie card. I grabbed the Danny Haren 2001 Upper Deck Star Rookie with the hopes of getting it signed someday. Yeah right, like that will ever happen.

And a nice random assortment of Angelsness:
Pacific Private Stock 2000 Troy Glaus numbered 81/99
2006 Upper Deck Epic Casey Kotchman numbered 135/450
1998 Team Best Midland Angels Troy Glaus
2001 Topps Reprint 51T Wally Joyner 1986 Topps Rookie

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  1. Great assortment of pickups!

    You shop at card shows like I do.