Sunday, July 5, 2020

Model Update

Recent builds
I was on an airplane kick several months ago and built this very basic Japanese Zero. I've had this kit for probably 30 years, picked it up for a buck at a 99c Only store in California.

This 1/72 Focke Wulf 190D-9 was given to me earlier this year by a friend at church. He's a long retired toy distributor and had a few left in his stash.
I almost completely ruined the build when I went to spray it with a matte finish, the paint came out heavy and milkey. Turned out okay.

I found this kit at my daughters resale shop, no, actually she found it for me, sent me a picture, and I said, "Save it for me!" It's a farly sought-after kit, this version was re-released in 2003.
You might recognize the one-off 1955 Lincoln Future since it's the car that became the Batmobile. The kit is fairly basic, but the fit is really poor making it a tough build.

One of my favorite cars, the Model T, and one of my favorite kits, the AMT 1925 Model T Ford. This kit offers two complete cars in one box: build a traditional Model T AND a hot rod Model T. The choices are limitless!

I decided to customize one into a Ford Speedster, a stripped down version used for early racing.

This is the Revell 1926 Ford Model T Sedan. I built this kit like the one that was issued in the late 70's of a custom car by Lil John Buttera.

Revell had a line of 4 cars by Buttera in the late 70's, this build is the second of the four. I hope to build the set at some point.

That's it for now. I have two more cars in the works, and more in the pipeline.


  1. As a kid I had a passing interest in modeling because of all the pretty pictures of jet fighters generated from the finished kits - I liked looking at the pictures but was probably overwhelmed at the skill it took as well as the actual things needed to make a model that looked like the exact thing.

  2. Nice work! That Speedster is too cool.

  3. All of these are fantastic! But you already know which one caught my eye. Great job! I'm super impressed by the detail in those cars. Can't wait which two you're currently working on.

  4. Awesome, I love building model airplanes! The Japanese make some pretty legit ones for sure. Nice builds!

  5. Those are impressive finished products! Did you make those platforms with the grass yourself? What about the pinstriping detail on the Futura?

    1. Thanks. Yes I made the bases, and the pinstriping are decals from another car kit.