Saturday, July 25, 2020

Checkin' It Off - 1975 Topps Checklist Set

Featuring one of my completed checklist sets.

The Topps issue for 1975 was a 660-card set that included 5 checklists.
Each checklist covers 132 cards. There was no Traded set issued for 1975.
I'm disappointed that with 18 different color combinations in the set to choose from (I used Night Owls 1975 Topps blog as a reference) Topps only went with two different for the checklists. It's pretty clear that this was the intent, but why then not make them all the same combo if you're not going to make them all different combos? I'm not sure if the pink background on the two are supposed to be the same shade and the lower one is just a lighter printing, or they are intended to be different.
Interesting that the card numbers on the first three cards are scattered all over. Also interesting that Hank Aaron was on card #1 and on the last card of the set #660. Surprisingly there are no variations in this checklist set, which were so common in previous Topps issues.

All-in-all it's a pretty little checklist set.


  1. The condition of those checklists looks great. I agree that it would have been more fun if the checklists had all different border color schemes. And the completist in me is so glad there's no variations in this set. Congrats!

  2. Your checklists are in much better condition than mine. And that was cool of Topps to honor Aaron with the first and last card in the set.

  3. Woooooo! '75s!!!!!

    It's just lighter printing, Topps didn't do that color variation business then.

  4. Seeing those checklists takes me right back to 1975! Interesting they couldn't figure out where they wanted to put the card number.