Sunday, July 19, 2020

Completed Angels Team Set - 1988 Topps

In the 792-card 1988 Topps set, the Angels had 30 cards (even though the Doug DeCinces card says "Now with Cardinals"). Probably about the average number of cards for a team set. I could do the research to find out exactly what the average per team was, but c'mon, it's 1988 Topps.
 Rookie cards include Mark Ryal, DeWayne Buice, and Gus Polidor.
AUTOGRAPHED: Kirk McCaskill, Gary Pettis, Johnny Ray, Mark McLemore, Jerry Reuss, Willie Fraser, Wally Joyner, Doug DeCinces, Bob Boone, and Gary Lucas.

The Angels had five players in the 132-card Traded Set, and included one of Jim Abbotts most recognized rookie cards. Bryan Harvey is not listed as a rookie card in my SCBC, but I believe that this card actually is. Autographs of Bryan Harvey and Cookie Rojas.

Bob Boone made it into the box bottom set on this beautiful blue bordered cut card from Panel A.

I also have the whole panel, because a team set would not be complete without it, Boone being card D. Noting Boones record for a catcher, he went on to catch 2,225 games. Carton Fisk overtook him by one game at 2,226, and Ivan Rodriguez later shattered the record at 2,427 cames caught.


  1. Wow. 10 out of 30 signed is pretty cool. Are there any other sets out there that you've collected 10 or more Angels signatures for?

    1. I have 15 signed of the 1991 UD team set. That's probably a high.

  2. Chili Davis and Don Sutton on the same team. How about that?