Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Thick as a Brick

I received a fat bubble mailer today from Too Many Verlander's and it was pretty close to being as thick as a brick.
Thick as a Brick Part I
Three stuffed team bags of mostly Angels and Patriots, sealed with the complementary blue painters tape (THANK YOU for NOT using scotch tape!)

When I saw the note on the painters tape above, I was a bit confused at first because even though I am a Patriots collector, I'm not a Michigan Wolverines collector. Fortunately Dennis also included a postcard note that cleared up my confusion: Dennis is a Wolverines collector, and most if not all of the Patriots he included are dupes from his Wolverines collection.

Thick as a Brick Part II

2006 Sweet Spot Signatures #SSS-GM
Whoa! Heavy hitter here of a sweet signed mini-mini helmet. Unfortunatly for Mills though, after being drafted in 2006 he was fourth on the Patriots depth chart at TE, behind studs Ben Watson and Daniel Graham, and never got to play. He bounced around to a few other teams before the Pats signed him again in 2011, but relegated him to the practice squad.

See how thick this thing is? I think that this may just be the thickest card in my collection.

1990 Topps #420 Regular and Disclaimer Back
If your a purist team collector you have to know about the "Disclaimer Back" variations in 1990 Topps Football. Therefore, you need two team sets. On top of that, I believe there is a variation to the disclaimer backs as well. THREE team sets of 1990 Topps Football?

1996 Upper Deck SP Holoview #32
VERY cool card, you have to see it in person to get the full effect: like a magic-motion, holgraphic, refractor. Glenn goes from a serious football look to a big ahppy grin as you move the card back and forth.
1993 Upper Deck SP #262
One of the few Abbott cards showing him batting, let alone showing his right hand. I love it. Love his expression, love the coach manning the camara, love the chain link fence all beat up and hanging down.
1988-89 Broder Type NNO
Love this card too. Not sure that it's a Broder though, I'll have to do more research.

1992 Triple Play #168
If I were Junior Felix, I wouldn't be too happy about this card. There's more of Pete O'Briens backside than there is of Junior Felix.

1992 Pro Set #381
Great card. Even though it's a 1992, I love the old-school look of Marv Cooks pose and the way he wears his uniform. The handwarmer with the old Pats logo is an added bonus. Great that he's running right at the cameraman too.

1993 Pinnacle Team 2001
At one time I had started collecting the Team 2000 sets, but that desire petered out and I never finished them. It's a great design, and I even have a couple that are printing errors: the gold foil never got printed on the cards.


  1. The Sweet Spot is a brick in itself! I love the Abbott SP and have a copy in my set. I think I'd like a second for an "overcomer" section in my binder.

  2. That Sweet Spot Signature helmet is sweet. Thanks for writing about those 1990 Topps football cards. Never knew about the disclaimer backs. I'll have to check my Cortez Kennedy rookie cards to see if I have a sample of both versions.

  3. Disclaimer variations! Junk wax era collectors collected EVERYTHING!

  4. Great cards. The Garrett Mills really is cool. Jim Abbott cards are always good cards. Nice mail day.