Thursday, December 31, 2020

Angels We Lost in 2020

My annual tribute, from my collection, to those former Angels that passed away this year.

Julio Becquer 
Los Angeles Angels 1961

Paul Doyle
California Angels 1970, 1972

Jim Hicks
California Angels 1969-1970

Lou Johnson
Los Angeles/California Angels 1961, 1969

Jay Johnstone
California Angels 1966-1970

Bob Lee
Los Angeles/California Angels 1964-1966

Bobby Locke
California Angels 1967-1968

John McNamara Coach/Manager
California Angels 1978, 1983-1984, 1996

Bob Oliver
California Angels 1972-1974

Ron Perranoski
California Angels 1973

Jorge Rubio
California Angels 1966-1967

Claudell Washington
California Angels 1989-1990

Bobby Winkles, Coach/Manager
California Angels 1972-1974

Wally Wolf
California Angels 1969-1970


  1. Jay Johnstone. I recognize many of these names but I'll miss him most of all.

  2. I didn’t know Claudell Washington died!

  3. Just like AJ, I didn't know Claudell passed.

  4. Nice tribute. I'll be the third to say that I didn't know about Washington.

  5. Nice tribute. I did know Washington had died but I had forgotten.