Thursday, December 17, 2020

Todays TTM Return From Paul Bilak

I was sorting through some old Angels minor league cards recently and came across a card of the trainer for the Palm Springs Angels from 85-86, Paul Bilak. On a whim I did a search to see if it was possible to contact him for an autograph of the card. I eventually found him, he responded to my inquiries, and gladly accepted my request for an autograph.

1986 ProCards
When he agreed, it was then that he let me know that he now lived in Austria!
I was not deterred however, because I always love getting autographs of anyone associated with the Angels in any capacity, and a one-time trainer for one of thier minor league teams is right up my alley.

Paul was super nice and thoughtfully answered my questions as well. Paul has done a lot of good in his life, and I'm proud to add his autograph to my collection of Angels.


  1. Language learning? The Austrians all speak English in The Sound of Music. :)

  2. Well, that's different! It's neat that you were able to find him, and that he was so receptive to signing.