Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Best Bubble Mailer

I received a nice bubbler from The Best Bubble recently including all sorts of stuff that I like. I was trying to wrap this year up by cleaning off my desk and came across several envelopes, one of which was addressed to Bob. If I recall, I think it had maybe one card in it. I went ahead and sent it anyhow, I figured maybe Bob still needed the card. In return I got the big bubbler. Here's just a sampling of what was inside.

1978 Fleer Grand Slam
These Grand Slam stickers came in several color variations. This one is only the second of the 1978 set that I have.

Nice vintage.
The '72 rookie combo cards are right up there with some of my favorite all-time designs.

A good selection of Tim Salmon amoung a ton of other Angels cards.

Heres a couple of the better-designed info cards that were in the mailer.

And Bob sent 32 of these 2004 Diamond Collection game cards, about half of the cards I need for this set. Way to knock a good chunk of these out in one blow.


  1. Wow, nice variety of non-mainstream cards! The '72 Topps design is one of my favoritest favorites too. Can't wait for 2021 Heritage...

  2. Love that Fleer sticker... and that's a cool way of showing off all of those Salmons. I might need to try that out for my Monday post.

  3. I received a Bob mailer recently, too, and, oh man, I love those '78 Fleer stickers. They are SOOOO '70s!

  4. Tim Salmon had so many cool cards in the mid-'90s.