Friday, December 4, 2020

One Page of Roland Hemond

 This series will highlight "one page" at a time from my binder of correspondence and autographs from former Angels and Patriots players and personnel.

   Roland Hemond, Scouting and Farm Director, Los Angeles/California Angels 1961-1970.
Correspondence received September, 2005.

As executive
Milwaukee Braves (1952–1960)
California Angels (1961–1970)
Chicago White Sox (2001–2007)
Arizona Diamondbacks (1996–2000, 2007–2017)

As general manager
Chicago White Sox (1970–1985)
Baltimore Orioles (1988–1995)


  1. Nice. I remember in ‘94 when Jeffrey Hammonds was really hot and how Beckett pointed out that his 1994 Collectors Choice Silver and Gold Signature Cards actually had Roland Hemond’s signature on it. I wonder if he signs those? Glad to know he signs ttm. I might be tempted to get one of the cards and try it.