Wednesday, December 2, 2020

No Issues With THESE Paper Ballots

I'm not gonna talk about the recent election, if you want to call it that. Instead I'm gonna talk about a different kind of ballot.

The Collector recently sent me a couple All-Star ballots in the mail. Remember paper All-Star ballots? I do, and I loved them, and I still collect them when I can. Remember how exciting it was to be sitting at a ballgame and see the usher making his way up the steps to hand your row a stack of ballots for you to then take one and pass down? Then you'd do your best to poke out the holes for only the guys that were on YOUR team. Well MLB squashed those good times by discontinuing paper ballots in 2015. A sorry move, still to this day. Anyhow, Chris had a few that he sent my way, and I was stoked to get them.

1997 Cleveland #101M

2007 San Francisco #134
The artwork on these really became stunning the last decade or so. You might remember how they started out basically as bland punch cards.

You might be wondering what the ballot number means. Different regions had different advertisers/sponsors on the ballot (Pepsi/Frito-Lay/Quaker on this one), so each version had a different number to differentiate that. For example, this if my fourth different version for the 2007 ballot.

Its just not the same having to log in and check a bunch of boxes on line these days.


  1. Aw, those are cool. I remember the days of poring over them to make just the right selections.

  2. I miss going to the ballpark and filling out my ballot.

  3. One more reason Pepsi is better than Coke.

  4. Never filled out an All-Star ballot at the ballpark. I got mine at the local CVS and filled them out at home.

  5. I remember filling out a few back in the 1990s. Trying to remember where it was....anyway, cool piece of memorabilia.