Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Lately on Listia

Still picking off cards from Listia here and there. Here are those that I've picked up the last couple months.

1976 Dairy Isle
Always great to find a Nolan Ryan oddball.

And the seller included these 1965 Topps Angels as well!

1974 Topps #408
Signed by Ralph "Sticks" Anderson, Patriots safety 1973.

1995 Classic NFL Experience #62 Gold Parallel
There's also a Marion Butts and Ben Coates in this 110-card set that I'll need to hunt down.

1995 Summitt Football
Just one card short of the team set (Drew Bledsoe Checklist #194), not a bad start.


  1. My last Listia post was in 2013. You could've convinced me that the site closed up shop five years ago. Glad to see you're getting use out of it -- far more than I ever did.

  2. Nice cards, and I'm glad to see we haven't been bidding on the same cards. I haven't been bidding as much lately, but have been surprised at the amount of decent cards that have been listed lately.

  3. You snagged a 1976 Nolan Ryan on Listia? I still have some credit on that site. Not sure I remember my password though.

  4. I've picked up a couple of those 1976 disc cards this year, probably from the same seller. I've also added a few vintage cards for my collection. It's slower than it was but I still manage to find a few things here and there that I need.

  5. I love your dedication to Listia! I got out around the time when they switched from credit to the cryptocurrency. I did score some great stuff back then though.

  6. Awesome. When I was in high school I loved to collect as many oddball Nolan Ryan cards as I could I’ll have to check out Listia

  7. I haven't been on that site in years...did get some good stuff when I was though.

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