Sunday, July 9, 2023

A Set For A Set

Recently posted about having an extra 1989 Pacific Legends II set for trade and was looking for a similar set or more specifically the 1988 Pacific Legends I set to go along with it. Crocodile Sports Cards mentioned he indeed had that 1988 set (if he could find it) and was willing to make the trade.

He found it all right.
This 1988 set is cards 1-110, and the 1989 set I already had is a continuation with cards 111-220.

Nice surprise finding this Chuck Connors card in the set, didn't know he had one in there.
I watched a lot of The Rifleman reruns as a kid in the early 70's.
Great show.

Now I'm only lacking the series I checklist card which was treated like a NNO insert in both series I and II packs. I'll probably try to pick up the handful of variation cards as well.


  1. I loved watching the Rifleman back then. Rin Tin Tin too!

  2. Not often you see a set-for-set trade!

  3. Love this set! Sure it includes the key hall of famers... but I also love the fact that guys like Sal Bando, Jim Bunning, Chuck Connors, and Zoilo Versalles receive hobby love too.

  4. Pretty cool, congrats to both on the completed sets!