Saturday, July 15, 2023

Another Care Package, This From POISON75

I received a very nice package of cards recently from POISON75. Every couple months it seems Stuart sends me some great cards, and then he emails me his updated wantlists. I was able to return a few of his wants this time, but his wants don't seem to align much with what's in my inventory, especially since I don't buy much anymore, but I do keep referencing his lists keeping an eye out for him. 

I'm sure Stuart would be happy to send anyone else his wantlists, and I'm sure he would send you  something in return. Let's get him some cards he needs.

Still looking for the elusive "green bat" variation where the top of his bat is tinted a light green.

Always late to the party, at first I thought these were a 90's unlicensed product!
Nice group of color variations and the dark blue is the "The Ryan Express" variation.

I missed seeing Trout in the All-Star game this year.

Beautiful 2022 Topps - 1987 Topps Baseball 35th Anniversary Chrome, and I'm really pleased with how the 2023 Topps - 1988 Topps Baseball 35th Anniversary All-Stars came out.

2021 Topps - Advanced Stat 134/300
2021 Topps -70th Anniversary Platinum 40/70 

1994 Sportflics 2000 Rookie & Traded

2023 Topps - Father's Day Commemorative Team Patch

1995 Semic Globe VM (Swedish)
My first Swedish card!

Much thanks Stuart, some really great cards there. Always on the lookout for you.


  1. Father's Day team patches? Where'd they come from? Nice stuff

  2. That is thee first time I'm seeing those Father's Day cards.

  3. I was trying to decide between Trout and Ohtani, then Fleury stole it.

  4. Stuart always has some really great stuff. I'm in same boat as you are -- it's very tough to crack his wants.

  5. Never seen a Swedish card before. Almost reminds me of those '90 Score hockey cards.

  6. Trading with Stuart is always fun, haven't done it in a while. Would love to see if there is anything new on his wantlists that I can hit.

  7. This certainly was a generous offering. I don't collect hockey, but I do like the look of that Globe card.