Friday, July 21, 2023

It's Been Such A Long Time

Lyrics from my favorite Boston song, a song that takes me right back to elementary school. But this post is about waiting a long time for a TTM autograph request to come back.

I'm pretty much through with sending out TTM autograph requests, the fire has gone out. In fact I've been tapering off the last several years:

2018 - 23
2019 - 0
2020 - 15 (a fake resurgence)
2021 - 1
2022 - 2
2023 - 0

Of those 41 I've sent since 2018, I'm still waiting on 14, and 9 of those were sent to Spring Training, so I'm pretty confident those aren't coming back.

Yesterday however I received back the very last TTM I sent out.

Pete Brock signed these cards in 455 days (mailed 4/20/2022) from the New England Alumni Club address.

I might consider sending this to Stan Brock for an autograph, but I let my subscription to SCN expire so I don't know if Stan signs through the mail. But wait, Stan never played for the Patriots, so never mind!


  1. I was looking for a couple of cards to send out back in way, couldn't find them and probably stopped, where there has been no activity in recent months.

    I'm still looking to get something re-started, but I feel like I've kind of kicked the habit for now.

  2. I mailed out for autos quite a bit in the early 90's, but not since.

  3. I've always thought about sending out some TTM's... but it just hasn't happened. Gotta admit... the idea that autographs show up over a year later is pretty cool. Maybe some of those Spring Training autographs will one day show up in your mailbox.

  4. it would be interesting to know if he's had your envelope all this time, or if he was just recently given a box of mail by the folks who run that address.