Sunday, July 2, 2023

Lets Talk About Batman, and Angels

Received some return mail recently from Matt at Cards to Talk About. Matt sent some nice Angels cards in return for some Animated Batman cards I saw he had on his want list.

2022 Panini Prizm - White Wave Prizm

2022 Topps #444 - Royal Blue
2022 Topps Heritage - Baseball Flashbacks BF-14

2022 Donruss - Dominators Diamond D-8
2021 Panini Mosaic - Mosaic #68

Straight up blog trades have been too few and far between. I blame it on TCDB making it so easy to find what you're looking for and setting up a trade. I blame myself as well. I've taken the easy route instead of searching out bloggers want lists and then doing the digging to see if I have what they need.

I do hope to rectify that in the future and actively check bloggers want lists more often.


  1. I still do check bloggers' want lists but there are fewer of them to check. TCDB does get in the way a little bit but I'm not quite as active as you are.

  2. I'm lazy, I just blindly send whatever I have in extras of a particular team to the team collectors.

  3. I'm sort of in Johnny's corner. It's very rare I make a legit trade these days. Got too much on my plate. It's way easier just to send cards to people whenever I have stuff for them. And periodically when I come across someone's post about building a set... and I know I have singles for that set... I'll just send it to them.

  4. Trading on the TCDB wasn't really my thing, so I still check blog want lists. Though, if whoever has an extensive want list, I'm also just as likely to send an email with the cards pictured and see if that person needs any of them or not (saves me from having to trudge through said extensive want list).

  5. All this time I didn't know Frank Robinson was an Angel. Nice cards!