Monday, February 12, 2024

I Have Plaque Buildup

Nolan Ryan plaque buildup that is. In the span of two days, I received two different Nolan Ryan plaques. You've seen these, you can find them at just about any Goodwill, resale shop, or junk mall, typically with a Nolan Ryan junk era card, although I have seen them with some fairly better cards in them before like the one's I received. I've had several in the past which I freed the card from and discarded the plaque. I don't have room to store larger items like these or space to mount them on a wall, but in this case, I might make an exception.

The first one came from my daughter who found it at her resale store.
When she first sent me the picture to ask if I wanted it, I declined, but then took a closer look and realized it had a card that I needed, a 1994 Frontier (unlicensed).

Awesome, and very typical of the freebie cards you'd receive at the door of card shows in the 90's

The second plaque came in a TCDB trade package with Wildcat75 who felt that mine would be a better home for this.

And indeed it is!
A little more common of a card, but not as common as the Leaf base card, this one was part of the 1991 Leaf Gold Rookies insert set.

The remainder of the cards in the trade package:
Collecting this set has opened my eyes to many comic characters I have never heard of.

Inching closer on this set as well.

TCDB pksteinberg

I already had a few of these 1988 Topps Bazooka cards so I figured why not go ahead and try to collect the 22-card set.

TCDB Jdogbarkn2

Jeff threw in the Erstad card after he found a small corner crease on the Ryan card below. Nice of him. I'm fine with the small corner crease.

I only recently stumbled across these 1995 Upper Deck Trade cards, but immediately knew that I wanted to try to get the 5-card set.

TCDB rjsahl

TCDB mhass13

The upside-down star kinda throws me off.

Just lacking 4 cards now for this 1990 Grand Slam Quad City Angels team set.

BRAG (maybe?) and Some Show Finds from GCRL

The 1986 Big Apple California All Stars Reggie card is fantastic.


Oops, a little bit of duplication there. Looks like GCRL was checking out my wantlist while I was setting up a trade with CSUBiochem for the same two cards. That happens sometimes.

TCDB alexewolf

I've lifted the pause on trading for Fleer stickers, starting to pick them off here and there again.


  1. Those 1988 Bazookas are so awkward I kind of love them. And I have zero memory of that 1989 Nolan Ryan upside down star.

  2. That first Ryan card is great. I think I have a plaque somewhere, took out the card long ago. Not even sure who it was anymore. McGwire maybe?

  3. I should have another batch ready to go for you soon.

  4. My buddy Mike flooded the Bay Area with those card plaques. Rarely did other collectors buy them. Most of the people he sold them to were family members or friends buying them for collectors. During the holiday season, he'd rent one of those kiosks in the mall and sell tons of them. The only two I own are displayed in my classroom. One of them is a Magic Johnson one (that I'm pretty sure Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders sent me) and the other is a Brett Favre one a student gave me years ago.