Friday, February 2, 2024

To Be (Joe Rudi), or Not To Be (Joe Rudi)


One of these Athletics is supposed to be Joe Rudi, his name is right there on the card. Problem is, none of them are. That's Bill Voss, Gene Tenace and Marty Martinez. So, where's Joe Rudi?

I received this awesome Joe Rudi, er, Gene Tenace card in a TCDB trade with Paul Gebauer who was nice enough to include it when a different card fell through. He also sent the following cards.

Vince Coleman is the odd man out here in that he never played for the Angels.

TCDB Drdirt

Got these for a bunch of Phillies, particularly Ryan Howard, cards. 
Team collectors helping each other out.

BRAG from Bob Obert

Good stuff, right up my alley.

TCDB hiflew (Cards From The Quarry)

Anyone collecting that 2,500-card 2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Retrospective set?
Insane. The Angels (California, Anaheim and Los Angeles) have 15 cards in the set (5 cards each for 3 different players), and each player's photo is used 5 times. The same stupid photo on 5 cards!
Man, I hate that.

TCDB mjones68
2003 etopps Info Cards, kinda weird, kinda cool.

Great trade touching many of my varied interests.

TCDB whacks_packs

Which one of these doesn't belong:
You probably guessed Matt Williams, but the real answer is:

Anthony Rendon.

TCDB HordeOfHain

Rendon again. 
This almost turned out to be an Anthony Rendon hot-post. UGH!


  1. Ha, I didn't know about that Joe Rudi/Gene Tenace screw-up. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Thank's for straightening me out, for 50 years I always thought that that was Allan Lewis on the right.

  3. Nice detective work! I knew that was Tenace... but had no idea who the other two guys were.

  4. The Rangers were in on Anthony Rendon and missed out when he signed with the Angels...that turned into quite the blessing.

  5. If one were judging just by what one sees on the blogs, then the '73 Topps is Joe Rudi's most popular card; which is funny since, as everyone always mentions, he's not even on it.