Sunday, February 4, 2024

Surfin' Safari


If you're not into Silver Surfer look away. This is a heavy-laden Silver Surfer post.

Catching up with my trades for the Silver Surfer and other comic cards I'm collecting.

TCDB Michel St-Pierre

The Surfers back-story for anyone interested.


Looks like he used to wear a Speedo.

TCDB Puma1125

TCDB Chroniccollector

Not a superhero...yet.

TCDB Cubs99

This is from the small 5-card 1995 Fleer Ultra Ralston Foods Spider-Man set. My son had the Spider-Man card in his collection so I figured I would take on getting the complete set.
Still looking for the Dr. Octopus, Hobgoblin and Lizard cards.

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  1. Your Silver Surfer PC has grown exponentially the past month or so. Very impressive! Does your son collect Spider-Man?