Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Baseball and Other Sets Wantlist Update

Updated and added a couple more sets I'm collecting, also added some photos to the sets already there to give folks a quicker reference to what the set looks like.
See the tab for more details on the specific cards needed.

Here follow some of the newer interests:
Fleer 1997-1998 Million Dollar Moments
Need 37/50

1994 Collectors Choice Team vs. Team Scratch-Offs
Perforated fold card with scratch-off on the inside.
Need 7/15

1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack Team Scratch-Offs
Need 28/30

1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack All-Star Scratch-Off
Perforated fold card with scratch-off on the inside.
Need 6/9

2013 Topps Pennant "Ever Wonder" Team Cards
Need 15/28

1993 Triple Play Action Baseball
Perforated fold card with the scratch-off on the inside.
Need 29/30

1998 Fleer Diamond Ink Point Cards
Each player has a 1, 5, and 10 point version card.
11 players = 33 different cards
Need 31/33

2002 Topps Ticket To History 1952 World Series Tickets
Fold-out stub you fill out and tear off to enter the contest.
7 tickets in the set.
Need 5/7

Any help gathering these up will be much appreciated and the favor will be returned.


  1. Hmm, I know I have a whole set of the team vs teams, don't know if the other bunch of those is singles or another set.
    I'll have to dig through my packing material cards to find the Ever Wonders...

    1. "Packing material cards" hilarious! To me that's what makes them so cool.