Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trade Mail From Card Buzz

I was sorting through some 1992 Upper Deck and started seeing a bunch of those "themed" cards, you know, player in sunglasses, signing autographs, etc. I remembered that Laurens of Card Buzz collects those, he even has a long want list of cards he's looking for. So I sent a stack that I pulled at the end of a day of sorting through all kinds of baseball cards.

Laurens wanted to send me something in return, a Tim Salmon card from my want list. Sweet!

1993 SP Platinum Power PP16
This set featured 20 of the games top home run hitters. Pretty nice company for a young slugger like Salmon to be in. Salmon would go on to hit 31 home runs in 1993, his first full season, but in his unofficial rookie season of 1992 he hit only 2 in 23 games.
The designers at SP must have been counting on his potential when they selected him for this subset.

2005? Upper Deck Rewards
Laurens also included this nifty promotional card for my collection.
Its one of those ten-times-as-thick-as-a-normal-card stiffeners.
Pack searchers call these "fake relics".
Imagine the disappointment!

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  1. I call 'em big fat dummy cards. Pack searchers should be tazed on sight.