Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Trade Mail From Off The Wall - Pack 1 of 2

All I can say is wow, and show you a ton of cards from OFF THE WALL. I think Shane may have hit something from every set on my wantlists. There were so many cards that he had to bust them up into two separate mailings. That's generosity.

2006 Topps Update UH153
I love Mike Napoli. I was bummed when he left the Angels, but excited when he came here to Texas!
I was bummed when he left Texas, but excited when he won a World Series with Boston!
I was excited when he came back here to Texas, but bummed when he left again for Cleveland.
I was excited when he went to the World Series again, bummed when he lost.
I'm excited he's back in Texas.

1998 Topps Opening Day #38
Jim Edmonds is great, I wasn't always a big fan, but he was a great ballplayer.
Hall of Famer?
Probably not. He scored only 2.5% on last years ballot.

2017 Topps Jackie Robinson Day #JRD-15
This is a really nice design. Reminds me a little of  2009 Upper Deck First Edition.
I think the Robinson logo is a little on the small side, other than that, a fantastic looking card.

2013 Topps Heritage Chrome #HC90 Refractor 092/564
2015 Topps Heritage Chrome #THC340 
I always shake my head when I think of what could have been. And I always feel bad for some reason that Josh Hamilton didn't work out for the him and the Angels.

1998 Topps Commemorative Reprint #5 
1990 Fleer Update #U131
2002 Topps Record Breakers #RB-NR
I cant tell you how long I went believing I had the whole Angels team set for 1990 Fleer before I realized I was missing the card above.

Fleer '97-'98 Million Dollar Moments
Shane knocked out a chunk of these card I needed for this 50-card set.
I picked up another four on Listia recently, but I'm still a bit from getting it done. It was only recently that I added it to my Wantlist though, so I'm pleased with the progress I've made.

Pre-1996 Patriots Cards
Another little chunk of Pats to cross off the list.

This scan does not reflect the bulk that was the rest of the cards in PACK ONE alone.
I will have a lot of sorting to do in the next several weeks to get all these in their proper places.

Pack 2 of 2 up next.

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