Saturday, April 1, 2017

Trade Mail From Capewood's Collections

Received a nice trade package in the mail from Cliff of Capewood's Collections, he even shipped it in a plastic case, nice touch. Cliff said he had some Angels in his discard pile. Discard pile? How about "trade" pile instead. I'd like to believe that these Angels were just waiting for me, and not about to be thrown in the trash. I'm very glad to have them.

1994 Topps Stadium Club #547.
Sweet! One of my favorite former short-time Angels.

Nice sampling of some random Angels cards.

Deeper into the stack, the card below had a stickie on it noting "from your want list" indicating this one, and the cards below it, were all pulled specifically to fill a team set need.
1990 Donruss Best of the American League #4
Sometimes I forget that there are early 90's junk wax cards I still need.
It's kinda strange though that I would have all the other Angels in this set except this one.

The 1992 Bowman are especially needed, I'm lacking practically the whole team set.
I can't recall why, I remember something about 92 Bowman that made it either unavailable or unaffordable for me. Probably why I'm lacking so many of the Angels in the set.

All great cards Cliff, and thank you for checking my Wantlist.


  1. i miss the simplicity of designs like 92 Bowman. great trade!

  2. 1992 Bowman was the first Topps Bowman set worth collecting.