Monday, April 3, 2017

Trade Mail From Commishbob

A few weeks ago Commishbob posted that Somebody Needs These referring to two 1963 Fleer cards he had pulled, that he was putting out a call for that (or those) blogger(s) who had maybe recently mentioned that need because he couldn't quite remember who he had pulled the cards for. Well, I saw that post and quickly responded that I indeed had the Albie Pearson card on my wantlist.

Bam! Next thing I know it comes to my doorstep in a PWE.

1963 Fleer #19
This is a great card to get for two reasons 1) it was a card on my Top Ten Wants on the sidebar, and 2) it puts me one card away from finishing the team set (still need the Leon Wagner).
Add to that it's a 1963 Fleer!
Super stoked!

Bob also included these great cards:
2017 Topps Heritage #173

2017 Topps Stickers #4 and #8

2015 Stadium Club #40 and #4

On the note included in the envelope, Commish stated he wished he had more Angels stuff to send.
And I believe that.
But that blows me away after he gave up a 1963 Fleer card for me.

Thanks Bob, much appreciated.

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