Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And the award goes to.....

Before I announce the winner I have a few things to say. First of all, before yesterday I didn't even know that this award existed, let alone this card from Fleer. Secondly I think that giving out such an award is nonsense. And thirdly, I just don't get it.

Here's the award (and card) in question:

OK. So Fleer felt that it had to pay tribute to Todd Greene since he won the "Sports Illustrated Selects Baseball's Best Art on a Catchers Mask Award." Come on now. Is there really a Sports Illustrated Selects Baseball's Best Art on a Catchers Mask Award? When was the presentation? Was it on TV? I never saw that in Sports Illustrated. Not even Sports Illustrated for Kids.

But the problem I have with this card is not so much the fake award. It's that the item the award was given for is hardly visible on the card. If the award is for best catchers mask art how come I can hardly see the mask? And isn't it called a catchers helmet? Isn't the mask the part that protects the face? What's so "best art" about a blue steel cage?

Even a close-up of the helmet, er mask, didn't reveal the awesomeness that won the award. I can't see the graphics people!!

The location of the ribben is bad too. It's purple, and plain, takes up too much card space, and looks like it's wiping Todds ass.

Maybe the back of the card has a detailed photo of the ground-breaking artwork on the mask. That's it, they wanted to show Todd squatting and the ribbon toilet paper on the front, the back is where it's at:

Holy crap. Great, more purple ribbon and from a distance of 20 feet I can see the white lines Todd painted on his helmet. And apparently he's won another award, "The Most Creatively Inclined Backstop Today." ARRGGGGGGG!!


  1. Maybe a pink "participation" ribbon with a "Studio"-like photo in street duds would have been slightly worse.

  2. That card is part of a subset in the SI cards. I don't have them all but most of the ones that I have are your basic best bunter, Edgar Rentiara, best power, Mark McGwire, best control, Greg Maddux, etc. In addition to Greene's card there is card for best hair, Mike Piazza. I'll post that card in my blog, In Purple I'm Stunning 2.0, later today. I'll also link to this post.