Saturday, April 9, 2011

Angels in the Background for Lou Whitaker

There's been a rash of "Baseball Detective" posts lately. It's been fun trying to figure out when a picture on a baseball card was taken, or who the players in the background are.

Well, here's my entry, only without so much investigation. And of course featuring an Angel.

I was pulling a bunch of 1993 Upper Deck recently to fill a wantlist for a trade, and I came across this Lou Whitaker card.

When I turned it over looking for the card number I saw an Angel on the back, paused, and immediately thought "No Tom, don't do it. Don't have an idea to start another collection."

So what'd I do? Same thing you all would have done. I started looking for Angels in the background on other cards, to start another collection.

But back to the Lou Whitaker card. On the front we saw Lou of the Detroit Tigers turning two on what appears to be a Brewer (or a Yankee, but the helmet looks blue not black). But on the back Lou's in a run down with the Angels Gary DiSarcina.

Did Gary make it back to the bag safely? I could go to and figure it out, but like I said, I'm keeping it simple.

For now, Gary DiSarcina on Lou Whitaker's 1993 Upper Deck card is the first addition to my new collection "Angels in the Background."

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