Friday, April 1, 2011

Trade Mail from those Crinkly Wrappers

I first discovered Crinkly Wrappers through another blogger posting a link to a contest Crinkly was having. A contest I lost, by-the-way.

Ted from the great blog of Crinkly Wrappers took it upon himself to show good faith in me by sending me some Angels cards when I had nothing (he needed) to send in return. See, that's what I mean by "You can't outgive a giver."

Three, count 'em three fat bags slam-packed full of ANGELS! Lot's of new stuff, lots of old stuff, lots of ODDBALLS! I picked out some of my favorite to highlight.

First up a beautiful 4-pack of 2009 Upper Deck Icons. I don't know if Ted knew that he included an autograph card because it wasn't until my third time through the stack that I even noticed it. I hope my audible "Yee-Haw!" (I live in Texas now) didn't wake the family. It could be though, that this was the card I first expressed trade interest in. I don't remember.

Surprise, surprise I can see it in your eyes! An awesome, from 1962, original - not a Heritage mind you, Billy Moran! Su-WEEEET!

I love this 1988 Score Jerry Reuss card. I love the red border. I love the white type. I love the yellow-on-red Score logo and stars. I love the white frame. I love that Jerry doesn't fit perfectly in the white frame. I love his high leg kick. I love his red cleates. I love his staring down the batter over his right shoulder. I love how he's hiding the ball. I love.

Nice 2001 Topps Archives 1977 Topps 1976 Nolan Ryan (and Tom Seaver) Strikeout Leaders. Say that 3 times fast.

And 2 more, always awesome, always welcome, Tim Salmon cards.

Thanks Crinkly. You're officially on my "I owe" traders list.

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