Monday, April 4, 2011

Completed Team Set 1993 Colla Bookmarkers

A couple weeks ago I saw these awesome looking cards I had never seen before, so I did a quick search and found an Angels team set in an online auction. I was fortunate to outbid the other 12 Angels die-hards in a cut-throat bidding war (not really, I think I was the only bidder) and these babies are now in my possession.

All I can find on them is that they were produced by The Colla Collection in 1993, as a "test issue" for bookmarks, called "Bookmarkers."

I read a lot of baseball non-fiction and I almost always use a baseball card as a bookmark. But a bookmark that's a baseball card? Genious. But confusing.

Because I often leave the baseball card in the book when I've finished it, I recently had to go back through my books to pull all the cards out to add them to team sets I'm completing. So you see my dilema with these? Do I use them as bookmarks and risk the chance of losing them? Or keep them as baseball cards in a binder where they are safe and warm, but not allowed to live up to their full potential?

On the back is a mini book of sorts. See how it looks like an open book, very creative. And oh, how cute. The book design on the back has it's own little Angels logo bookmark in it.

But wait. Looking at the back of the cards, um bookmarks, no, Bookmarkers, just adds to the confusion. See in the upper left corner? That little logo says "Diamond Marks". I just flipped it over and it's on the front too! So now what the hell do I call these things?

From KeyMan Collectibles website:
Produced by BCP - The Colla Collection/Terry Smith Creations, the 1993 Diamond Marks baseball Card set consist of 120 cards that measure 2 1/2 x 5 This test issue was a series of Book Markers depicting Major League Baseball Players. They were sold in foil packs of 10 cards. The bookmarks were designed & created by Terry Smith Creations, using the photography of Barry Colla productions. The cards are unnumbered and are arranged in alphabetical order by player.

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