Thursday, April 28, 2011

Antique Mall Angels

Stopped by my local antique mall searching for baseball cards and came away with a bunch of Angels at bargain prices.

I first came across a box full of unopened 1984 Donruss Action All-Stars for 50 cents a pack. I could have easily cleaned them out but I was only interested in Angels. I found Freddy Lynn on the top of one pack, so thats the one I bought.

The other cards in the pack:
Bob Horner Braves
Keith Hernandez Mets
Dave Steib Blue Jays
Andre Thornton Indians

In the same stall I found this 1996 All-Star ballot for a buck.

I collect All-Star ballots, and I thought that this was one that I needed. Turns out I already had it, and it was punched.

Angels that were voted for are SS Gary DiSarcina and C Jorge Fabregas.

And interesting write-in vote for Andy Fox who played for the Yankees in 1996.

Next I came across an endcap that was essentially a bookshelf full of toys and stuff. Hanging on hooks were 9-pocket pages with 18 cards each. Typically overpriced at something like 5-10 bucks a page, these were not marked so.

That's 95 cents a sheet! I grabbed them all up so no one else could come along and get a good one that I hadn't gotten to yet, and proceeded to go through each sheet, front and back, one at a time.

Lets look at the pages I ended up buying and why.

Page 1

Back of Page 1

Snagged this one for the following cards:

Steve Busby is a broadcaster for the Rangers, I've gotten his autograph several time and have run out of cards of him.

This Cookie Rojas card is just such a cool looking card, I wanted it.

Didn't have this 1993 Studio Wally Joyner card, but now I do.

Page 2

Back of Page 2

Just 1 card I wanted on this page, a 1993 Score Select Tim Salmon Rookie Prospect.

Page 3

Back of Page 3

I like these the Father-Son cards from the 1985 Topps set, so I would have bought this sheet on that fact alone, but then I saw the two Angels cards and knew that it was meant to be.

Page 4

Back of Page 4.

The shiney caught my eye, then JT Snow caught my eye. I didn't see Tony Phillips until I checked the page out again afterwards. The bonus was a 1982 Butch Hobson.

So, some fun at the antique mall, a bunch of Angels cards, and a stack of cards I'll use for autographs, for a little over 5 bucks.

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