Monday, April 18, 2011

Trade Mail from Howard

Received a nice fat package in the mail the other day from a trade I completed with my friend Howard. Howard has a monster trade list that is it's own blog. Go check it out as I'm sure you can find something you have that he needs. He has a lot to offer in return as well.

I sent him a nice 3-stack of mostly Upper Decks cards, and he sent me ANGELS!

When he offered this certified Juan Rivera 2006 Upper Deck, I jumped at it. Nice looking card and I have no problem with the autograph being of the sticker type.

Along with a bunch of random Angels from the 80's and 90's were many cards that I can now check off of my wantlists. Howard took the time to check them out and pull the cards I needed. Amongst those are some of my favorites:

Two nice 2011 Topps Opening Day blue parallels. I really like how the blue border brightens up the photographs. And you can't go wrong with numbered cards.

A good selection of Tim Salmon cards.

Followed up by three more to add to my 2008 Upper Deck X, X-Cut set.

Thanks Howard.

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  1. I am glad you are happy with the trade. It helped me a lot. I think I have more cards than a human being should be allowed, but I have fun with it. I am keeping an eye out for any more Angel cards that I think you will like. When I find enough I'll send them your way.