Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trade Mail from Reader Ryan

Reader and new friend Ryan reached out to me after he stumbled upon my blog while researching a player. Ryan is getting into TTM autographs and wanted some suggestions on how to go about it. In exchange for my time he said he'd send me some Angels stuff. Cool for me, but how about I throw him a little stack of Angels cards in return. I did.

Here's what Ryan sent me.

Included in the package were these two nice 2010 Bowman Platnum cards.

I needed this years pocket schedule so he sent me 4. These are Version 1. See the little V1 in the lower left corner. Bet you didn't know pocket schedules came in different versions. Usully this just means a different sponsor on the back.

He looked for the Spanish version too but it seems the Angels were due a shipment and didn't have any more at the time.

I'm looking for stuff with the Angels 50th Anniversary logo on it, so Ryan snagged 4 of these fan survey cards for me. Maybe I'll do the survey and if I win the $2,000 I'll share it with him. Maybe.

And I always dig used Angels tickets.

Thanks for the trade Ryan, and good luck on your TTM autograph collecting.

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